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Alaska Democrats take control of the state house for the first time in a quarter century.

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Dugan scores big upset knocking off incumbent judge in Milwaukee County.

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Democrats had great success in 2017 picking up seats and reversing previous losses.

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The first African American elected to a City of Milwaukee executive position.

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Providing strategic communications, direct mail, fundraising and general consulting with Democratic candidates and interest groups. WZW Consulting is a full service political communications firm. We help craft your message to the voters you need to persuade to win and deliver it in an effective and creative way.

Bottom Line; We Win Elections!


We are a small firm in America’s Heartland with a strong personal connection to our clients. With experience in the day-to-day operations of difficult and fluid campaigns, we understand all aspects of the campaign and develop an overall strategy. We have experience with high-profile campaigns around the country; yet, we offer the attention only a small firm provides. You have access to the principals on your schedule, and our consulting style is hands-on. We answer texts at 2AM, wrestle with the media, and protect our clients. Your campaign needs dedicated professionals to maintain focus under pressure while the candidate (or organization) is out slaying the dragons.

Direct Mail

Campaigns are about offering an alternative to the status quo. Our communications strategies are designed to stand out, on the web or in the mailbox, and deliver alternatives to target audiences. We believe in simple: simple design and a simple message that cuts through the clutter. We provide compelling copy and innovative design to develop a clear message targeted to the right audience.


WZW Consulting also offers full digital buying—from Facebook to pre-roll to display ads and much more—we can help make sure your images and videos are seen on the web by those who you need to target. No more random buying of websites. Through IP-targeting and cookie matching, we can make sure the same universe of people receiving your mail also see your content on the web.


Zak Williams

Zak Williams

Zak believes in a hands­ on approach to political and public relations campaigns, recognizing that a consultant should roll up his sleeves and apply the elbow grease. He works with candidates and staff on the ground; not locked away in an office inside the Beltway. Starting as a sophomore at Beloit College in Wisconsin, Zak is an over 20 ­year political veteran, working tirelessly on over 100 campaigns at the municipal, state, and federal levels. He managed his first campaign at 22, first congressional at 23, and his first statewide at 24. Zak ran a fundraising firm for six years, focusing on judicial and down­ballot statewide campaigns. He now focuses on direct mail, as well as operating as a general consultant, for many of his clients around the country.


Even after the campaign is over, I continue to call Zak and ask his advice.  He helps me walk through a problem and develop the right political strategy for that particular challenge.
Mark Spreitzer

Wisconsin State Representative and Minority Caucus Chair

Zak was almost always right and the one I relied on the most.
Jim Sullivan

Former Wisconsin State Senate

Zak was instrumental in helping the Democrats take control of the Alaska State House for the first time since 1993.  His creative mail enabled us to deliver our winning message in a way that resonated to voters.
Jay Parmley

Executive Director Alaska Democratic Party


WZW Consulting is a small firm in America’s Heartland with a strong personal connection to our clients, which helps us craft effective messaging for our clients.  We are a political consulting and communications firm providing strategic communications, direct mail, digital, and general consulting to Democratic campaigns and interest groups.  Working with candidates running for office and organizations influencing public policy, WZW is positioned to be an integral part of any campaign team.

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